Thursday, January 8, 2009

Exchange SCR and ESE function Error

I'm running into some errors setting up SCR between our sites. I'll edit this post with the solution when I get it sorted out.

[PS] C:\Exchange>update-StorageGroupCopy -Identity Orl-exg1\Sg1 -standbymachine
WARNING: Replication for storage group 'ORL-EXG1\SG1' is still suspended. If
needed, you can use the Resume-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet in the Exchange
Management Shell to resume replication.
Update-StorageGroupCopy : Seeding failed : Database seeding error: Error return
ed from an ESE function call (0xc7ff1004), error code (0x0).
At line:1 char:24
+ update-StorageGroupCopy <<<< -Identity Orl-exg1\Sg1 -standbymachine lor-exg1

It looks like it is something with the Windows firewall. Turning it off makes it work. Feature. Now to figure out what application needs to be permitted through the fw.

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Helen said...

Add the "Windows PowerShell" to the Exceptions list under Windows Firewall settings.